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Olga B. Kohlberg Elementary

Olga Bernstein was born in Eberfeld, Prussia. She was twenty years old when she married Ernst Kohlberg on June 22, 1884 and moved to the United States. Married for almost twenty-six years, Ernst and Olga had three sons and one daughter. Olga Kohlberg was an important contributor to El Paso's burgeoning frontier civic community. With dedication she served her Southwestern home until her death in 1935. Olga Kohlberg helped to establish El Paso's first free kindergarten school (the first free kindergarten in Texas) and was a primary influence behind the development of the city's first public library and hospital. A dynamic community member, she helped to organize and lead various organizations. She was a founding member of the Ladies Benevolent Association, the Kindergarten Association, and the Mount Sinai Jewish Congregation. She was a founding member and President of the El Paso Woman's Club and the El Paso Library Association. She was also a recognized member of the Jewish Welfare Association and the local chapter of the American Association of University Women. For her many accomplishments, Olga Bernstein Kohlberg was elected to the Hall of Honor by the El Paso County Historical Society in November of 1972. Also, two schools in the El Paso Independent School District have been dedicated to Mrs. Kohlberg. The former Zach White Elementary School, originally built in 1927, was proudly renamed the Olga Bernstein Kohlberg Prekindergarten/ Kindergarten in May of 1992. The second school honoring Mrs. Kohlberg was a new building designated the Olga B. Kohlberg Elementary School.



Together, we the Kohlberg community will continue to build a tradition of excellence. We believe in fostering a positive, child centered learning environment which provides a well rounded education to prepare children for a successful future.



Olga B. Kohlberg Elementary educates the whole child. Stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure that students from Kohlberg are prepared academically, socially and emotionally; ready to face an ever changing world.





Dedicated in November of 1997, the school's motto... Dream, Believe, Achieve… Are Kohlberg's keys to success!