3D - McMillan, David

Welcome to 3D!! Courtesy of T & V

     My name is David McMillan, and I have been a teacher for 12 years.  This year I am returning to section 3D at Kohlberg Elementary School. I am married for tenyears, and we have four young children.  I graduated from high school with an IB diploma in Mobile, Alabama, graduated from college in St. Peter, Minnesota, and now am quite happy to be teaching here in El Paso.   I love any time with my family, sleep, food, music, the outdoors, and stories. 
Courtesy of J & J
       Weekly updates on the class are sent home in the Friday Packet.  A copy of its first page will be found below. Please see the Class Information link to the left for further information about the class.


Friday Packet


The following assignments were graded this week:

            -Math: Topic 14 Test

            -Language: Weekly Words in a paragraph 3/31
            -Language: Weekly Words 3/31 Test 
-Reading: Friday the 13th

Please review the attached work, sign, and return this top sheet
on Monday.

 In class this week we…

            *Wrote essays comparing characters in literature to

            *Practiced answering reading questions
*Learned about organizations that help others.

*Took a survey and made graphs.

*Reviewed financial literacy.

*Presented reports on the solar system.

*Observed parts of ecosystems.


            Next week we will be reviewing in reading/language.  In mathematics we will be reviewing problem solving.  Social studies will continue to look at volunteering.  In science we will continue with ecosystems. 
Next week is a bit more calm than this week was.  There is a Pre-K performance on Tuesday.  Also remember there is no school on Friday for those celebrating Good Friday.  Enjoy your weekends and see you on Monday!


Courtesy V & T