3D - McMillan, David

Welcome to 3D!! Courtesy of T & V

     My name is David McMillan, and I have been a teacher for 12 years.  This year I am returning to section 3D at Kohlberg Elementary School. I am married for tenyears, and we have four young children.  I graduated from high school with an IB diploma in Mobile, Alabama, graduated from college in St. Peter, Minnesota, and now am quite happy to be teaching here in El Paso.   I love any time with my family, sleep, food, music, the outdoors, and stories. 
Courtesy of J & J
       Weekly updates on the class are sent home in the Friday Packet.  A copy of its first page will be found below. Please see the Class Information link to the left for further information about the class.


Friday Packet

The following assignments were graded this week:

            -Language: Weekly Words in a paragraph 2/23
            -Language: Forms of Adjectives

​            -Social Studies: p. 269; using money
-Math: p. 703; perimeter basics

-Reading, Social Studies: Civil War Comes to El Paso

-Language: Weekly Words 2/24 Test

-Math: 12’s Quiz

-Math: p. 709; calculating perimeter

-Reading, Social Studies: Start Your Own Business Project

-Reading: Weekly Words Definitions 2/27

-Math: p. 715; area basics

-Language: Parts of Speech

-Social Studies: Choices

-Science: Rapid Changes (in journal)

-Science: Sand Source Lab (in journal)

Please review the attached work, sign, and return this top sheet on Monday.

In class this week we…

            *Wrote narratives again.

            *Practiced drawing conclusions.
*Reviewed parts of speech.

*Looked at choices we make with our money.

*Read about scarcity and abundance.

*Solved more perimeter questions.

*Discovered what area is.

*Found a quick trick for area of rectangles.

*Compared different kinds of soil.


            Next week we will finish working with narratives.  In mathematics we will finish perimeter and area and should have a test on Thursday.  In social studies we will be looking at model citizens and heroes.  In science we will model the Sun, Earth, and Moon. 

            In addition to trying to accomplish this our regular work we will also be having Mock (practice only) tests to gather data for the STAAR on Monday (math) and Tuesday (reading).  Please make sure everyone is on time and prepared for school on these days.  Next week we will also be starting a new form of math quiz.  I will be passing out a sheet of facts about every other day for the students to practice on a strict time.  After two weeks of practicing they will have a grade on the very same quiz with the time limit.  This is to improve fluency as we have now (hopefully) memorized the multiplication facts.
            Most importantly Thursday is the big day!!!  Third grade will perform its debut musical at its yearly performance: Oceans of Fun!  Please make every effort to attend.  The students have been working very hard for quite a while on this.  There are just a few roles still open if I could have a note in the planner from someone who can commit to being there.  Lastly, keep in mind that the following week is spring break and plan accordingly.  Rest up for a big week! Enjoy!! _____________________________________________________________________________

Courtesy V & T