5A - Perez, Mayra

Welcome to 5A: Reading/Language Arts and
Social Studies Dual Language


Hello! My name is Mrs. Perez.  I graduated in 2012 from UTEP with a Bachelor's degree in Bilingual Education.  This will be my fourth year here at Kohlberg Elementary.  My first year I taught a bilingual class, the last three years I have been teaching in a Dual Language class.  I co-teach with Mrs. Mata (5B).  Mrs. Mata teaches Math and Science and I teach Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies.

McMurryI am very excited about the year and I hope you are ready to learn and have fun doing it!  Among others things, you will be learning about McMurry University.  McMurry is the university that our class has adopted.  You will know where it is and all the degree programs offered at McMurry as well as many other fun facts about the McMurry Warhawks.  Go Warhawks!

My conference period is from 9:00 to 9:45 everyday except for Tuesday.