Kinder Collaborative - Sargent, Barbara

Welcome to the new school year

 My conference period is 1:45 - 2:30.

Hi!  My name is Ms. Sargent.  I have been teaching Special education since 1993.  I have taught resource, inclusion, BIC and SLU. I am certified to teach grades PK - 12. At Kohlberg I teach 1 - 5.  I enjoy what I do and my goal is to help all students who have been tested and qualify for special education services  to understand the curriculum in all subject.  During Inclusion I will go to the students classroom during reading or math or both and help all students who are having difficulty with the subject being taught.  I also teach resource, where students who qualify, are pulled out for reading or math and I  teach them the subject on the level that they are presently on and fill in any gapes that they missed previously or did not fully understand to help them progress to their present grade level.

I have a bachelor degree from the University of Texas at El Paso in Interdisciplinary Studies.