PK A/B Matilde Angulo

‚Äčnew year 2014

My name is Matilde Yzahiti Angulo, I love to use my middle name because is different
and unique. I am from Valencia, Venezuela. I have been living in El Paso, Tx for 15 years. I attended Santa Maria University in Caracas where I earned a Bachelor degree in Law. I have a Master in Instructional Specialist - Bilingual Education and received a certification EC-4 Generalist Bilingual from UTEP. I am happily married and I don't have any children; my husband and I love to travel, cook, and play tennis together. My passion is to cultivate roses in my yard. I feel very happy to  work as a P-K bilingual teacher at Kohlberg Elementary. I am so excited for this coming year 2015-2016 and I am ready to work with you to make your little one's learning experience amazing and unforgettable.